Praise for the Flourish Series 

“Bold, monumental, brilliant, and provocative. Bitz insightfully nails how America has lost its way and offers thoughtful solutions to find our way back. A courageous and important series.”

– Bob Vanourek, award-winning author and former CEO, Cordillera, Colorado

Winning Practices is one of the most important books that I have ever read. It is a badly-needed articulation of the problems besetting our country and the solutions to them.” 

– Gary Fenchuk, award-winning developer and author of Timeless Wisdom, Midlothian, Virginia

“Mark delves into some of our country’s biggest challenges and cuts through the politics. He takes you beyond the approaches of the right or the left and presents creative and practical winning ones.”

– Stephen McConnell, president of Solano Ventures, Scottsdale, Arizona

Winning Practices will never, ever leave the top of my desk; it is a comprehensive guide for life. Its insight and organization are amazing.”

– Dr. Story Musgrave, surgeon, USMC veteran, NASA astronaut, Hubble Space Telescope repairman, Kissimmee, Florida

 “Toward Truth, Freedom, Fitness, and Decency is an extraordinary study . . . as compelling a read as it is thoughtful and thought-provoking. . . . Very highly recommended for both community and academic library collections and . . . for students, political activists, and ordinary folk interested in the social, cultural, economic, and political issues that so trouble our country today.”

– Susan Bethany, Midwest Book Review, Oregon, Wisconsin

“Winning Practices provides a road map for living a useful, happy and healthy life. I love it. It should be mandatory reading for every high school student.”

– Mitch Sill, retired CEO and owner of Road Machinery & Supplies, Duluth, Minnesota

 “Every chapter is worth reading and pondering.”

– Richard Kaufman, chair of Amstore Corporation, Chicago, Illinois

“Mark has written clearly and truthfully, a complete Operator’s Manual for Life. I will share the series with those who are dearest to me.”

– Haisook Somers, mother, volunteer, and philanthropist, Montreal, Quebec

“I am profoundly impressed with the Flourish Series. Mark has delineated and backed up with facts and thoughtful analysis timeless truths and behaviors that will help many individuals lead more fulfilled lives. His work could not come at a better time. As fewer people learn these truths and behaviors from their families and faiths, an insightful, well-organized, secular expression of them becomes ever more important.”

– John Doyle, owner of Doyle Security Systems, Rochester, New York

“I find myself staring off into space and pondering Mark’s ideas. I agree with what he says, and I am pleased to find so much well-synthesized and organized thought in one treatise.”

– Tom Ewert, retired federal judge, Naples, Florida 

 “Mark blends his considerable experience to design a plan for America to not only grow but also to flourish. His practical and commonsense plan is a must read for all thinking Americans.” 

– Carl Youngman, former CEO of more than twenty companies, Boston, Massachusetts

“Winning Practices is thought-provoking and thoroughly interesting. It examines many of our country’s challenges and offers a comprehensive set of solutions. It is incredibly innovative and has stimulated many discussions among our family and friends. The books are a must-read for our country’s leaders and every American who is concerned about it.” 

– Mark Danni, conductor, founding artistic director, Theatre Zone, and president of KareMar Productions, Naples, Florida 

“Even though I have a more biblical viewpoint of the world, the teaching and wisdom of Winning Practices should be mandatory reading for all first-year college students.” 

– Kenneth Lockard, founder of numerous companies, CEO of Lockard Companies, Cedar Falls, Iowa